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A review of [Wii] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (in the category of Game)
by: tim

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First impressions (under 5 hours of play):

Gameplay +1
Right off the bat, you get to name your horse. I thought that this was a fun features and named my horse "Blitzen" with the Chicago Bears and a horse-like name in mind. It's a holiday-appropriate name, too!
This game isn't really that exciting so far. Things are beginning rather slowly and tend to consist of several mediocre chores. So far my favorite parts include naming the horse and finding a squirrel.

Control -1
I don't think the Wii controls are that great, especially because three different inputs are used to swing the sword - shake remote to do regular sword attacks, A buttons to jump attack, shake nunchuk to spin. Speaking of the spin attack, one cannot perform these at will. Instead, the sword kind of charges up before being able to spin at all. While this is somewhat similar to the charge up spin attacks of previous Zelda games, at least Ocarina of Time allows you to do a "mini spin" if you rotated the joystick in a circle and then pressed B. I used that a lot and tend to miss it. That aside, I do like that you can swing the sword while running. Amazingly/sadly enough, this is the first Zelda game to feature such a move. The aiming feature is very nice.

15 Hours of play:

I've only gone though a few dungeons and the world map is already gigantic.

30 Hours of play:

This game keeps getting better and better. The beginning was slow, but everything after that has made up for it and then some. As one may expect, the game have a very "epic" feel to it and lots of fantastic puzzles. Of course, there are also a nice amount of side quests and hidden areas.

Nitpicking: This is a very minor thing to mention and you may not have noticed this if you've already played the game but I rather dislike the lack of animation when leaving an underground area. In Ocarina of Time, Link would begin to levitate out of the underground area. In Twilight Princess, Link kind of looks up.

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A single player epic action-adventure about a farm boy turned hero of the world and universe, probably more. Features sword fighting, horseback riding, sword fighting while riding a horse, archery, horseback archery, and much more! "Temples" and hidden areas contain puzzles to solve in order to go on such as sliding blocks around to press a switch. Lots of side quests, stories, and a few mini games keep one busy when not wanting to deal with the weight of saving the world, universe.

Control +1
Takes a bit to get used to the sword controls as there are three different inputs to use the sword in three different ways (move remote, move nunchuk, A button). Features precise and fluid "point at it with the remote" aiming. Fishing controls are pretty neat, where the nunchuk is used for reeling in. No camera control aside from Z-targeting and first person view. note: camera is controllable in the GameCube version using the C-stick

Gameplay +5
A slow start but significantly picks up after a couple hours... and how. I have played a few games other than this and Wii Sports, and I feel that I can safely say that Twilight Princess is the first Wii game that one familiar with video games should purchase at this point in time.

Play Time +4
I completed the main story (along with several "side quests" and various distractions) in about 52 hours. This is significantly longer than most action-adventure games. There are many things to do aside from the main story to keep one entertained and a few mini-games as well. Once you've completed the game, though, that's it.

Graphics +2
The art direction is fantastic. The graphics are no better than its GameCube counterpart but still nice. Available in 480p and 16:9.

Sound +3
Orchestrated scores flood throughout the entire game and suit the mood near perfect every time. Some familiar tunes return and plenty of new music as well. Wii remote speaker usage is abundant; most items make sounds as does the sword. Turning down the Wii remote speaker level to its lowest setting is highly recommended as the sounds are not pleasing to the ear at a high volume [due to the low quality of the Wii remote speaker].

Difficulty +2
The puzzles are good and occasionally make you feel clever but overall there's nothing mind-blowingly challenging. The difficulty in most of the boss battles only consists of figuring out how to defeat the boss and not the actual process of doing so. Areas where I found myself "stuck" were only those that lacked information that the game should have shared, such as controls of things or the gender of a character.

Multiplayer -3
None. I'd really like to see a multiplayer mode that allowed two people to fight each other using their choice of a few items and the standard sword/shield.

Twist +5
This is the "true successor" to Ocarina of Time and is best described as "Ocarina of Time on crack, but in a good way". When starting a new game, one does not only name Link, but also one can name his horse. There are squirrels, ducks, and little references to past Zelda games. Twilight Princess also features new items that I'd love to mention but won't as I'd like to write this review without any spoilers. Finally, there's that great "epic" feel to it. I really like Zelda games.

Overall +4
It's very hard to do, but I can't let this game get away with a perfect score because its graphics are no better than those seen in the GameCube version and the sword controls are no better than pushing buttons. I would have like the sword slashes to at least be in a roughly similar direction as the Wii remote movement. If this game were only on GameCube, it would probably get a +5. It's a brilliant game and I highly recommend it.

Overall rating:

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