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A review of Portillo's Polish Sausage (in the category of Food)
by: tim

I'm definitely a fan of Portillo's, there's no question to that. It has become a mission of mine to try different things on the menu because, up until somewhat recently, the only things I would get there were Italian beefs, hot dogs, fries, and malts.

Within the past week I decided to try the Polish sausage there, which I believe is Maxwell Street Polish Sausage. After checking the menu, I have concluded that not all Portillo's locations sell Polish sausage, particularly because I could not find it on the online menu. Regardless, I ordered a Polish sausage (among other things) and upon peering into the bag, my eyes grew wider.

It was big. Expecting a hot dog-sized sausage, I was very surprised to see a sausage about nine inches long, give or take an inch. In addition, this sausage was on a piece of french bread, much like that which Italian beef sandwiches feature. If you're familiar with Portillo's Italian beef sandwiches, you're probably wondering how a sausage of this side could possibly fit on such a small piece of bread. Well, it doesn't. The sausage extends roughly an inch and a half beyond the bread on both sides... simultaneously! The portions were certainly right.

Upon tasting the Polish sausage, I immediately noticed its firm (somewhat crispy, even) exterior but soft inside. This is because the sausages are grilled, an excellent choice. Its taste was good but nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from its size and breadly counterpart, this was pretty much a standard Polish sausage. One would be no worse off buying sausage at a grocery store and grilling it. Because of this, I was a little disappointed. While it certainly wasn't bad, I know I would rather have an Italian beef or hot dog from Portillo's any day.

(Item ordered at the Naperville, Rt. 59 location)

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