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A review of Al's #1 Italian Beef (Italian Beef & Fries) (in the category of Food)
by: tim

A few weeks ago, an associate and I visited Al's #1 Italian Beef in Warrenville, Illinois. It was a rainy evening and my sunroof was leaking (this has since been fixed) but the Italian beef made everything okay.

The restaurant was very clean and modestly decorated but with good style. Unfortunately I did not take any photographs.

Italian Beef sandwiches are available in three sizes: 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. I may be wrong on that last size. I wasn't incredibly hungry so I ordered a 6 inch Italian beef, a "large pile of fries", and a small beverage.

Meal breakdown!

Italian Beef: I didn't request any specific amount of gravy but the sandwich's juiciness/wetness was roughly between Portillo's's "Extra Gravy" and "Dipped". This is a good thing. The gravy had a bit of a vegetable taste to it, much like that found at Johnnie's Beef (as seen on TV Food Network!) though there were no small vegetable chunks to be found. It's a bit of a milder gravy when compared to Portillo's and Buona Beef. Overall the Italian Beef was good.

Large Pile of Fries: The name of this item is highly deceiving, as I did not receive a large pile of fries at all. Instead, I was given a thin cardboard container that holds fries. The only way I could match the item's description was to pour the fries out and create the pile myself. Straight cut, the fries also featured skin and definitely had a potato taste to them. My associate raved about the fries and would probably give them a high rating but I am a crinkle-cut kind of guy.

Small Beverage: Generously, Al's #1 Italian Beef offers free beverage refills. A beverage dispencer is located near the food pickup area and it offers a fair variety of beverages. I had 1/2 Mug Root Beer 1/2 Sierra Mist. Thanks for the free refills.

My overall experience was good. I certainly suggest giving this place a try and I intend to visit again later, perhaps to sample their hot dogs.

Overall rating:

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