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A review of PS3 (in the category of Game)
by: Joe

On November 11, 2006 I went and picked up my pre-ordered PS3 from the EB games store. I shelled out the money for the 60GB version.Tech Specs

I got it back to my gfs house and unboxed it. The design is excellent, but the wireless controller seemed to be lacking. I had to say the first time I started it up and got through the setup I enjoyed the boot screen. Though because it was not an HDTV the display was not as impressive.

it uses the XMB interface which is similar to what the PSP runs and is very intuitive. I was a little upset that I had to update right away, but it ment more features. It connected easily to the wireless internet, but the download took almost two hours because of the traffic through Sony's servers.

After the update I loaded some music and pictures. I hooked my Ipod up to it and though it doesn't natively find the files as it does with other memory cards (if you create the folders the right way), but it does let you explore the devices to search for music movies or video files so I could transfer or play music directly off the Ipod. The visualizations we ok, but they have been updated.

The pictures came easier as it recognizes the folder formatting of digital camera. I loaded a few and the tried the slide shows. They were cool especially the one that lets the pictures float down like leaves.

Finally I got to the Games. I bought tony hawk project 8. It was great. I don't know how it compares to the other versions but I loved it. The graphics were truly amazing and no load time accept for the initial one. My only complaint is that you have to always watch the company intro movies. oh well.

When I finally did get it back to my HDTV the difference was spectacular. 1080i in all its glory. I also have it hooked up to my receiver through via optical audio which rocks too.

The wireless controller (sixaxis) is actually very nice. After a good amount of using it I have grown attached. I can play for three days straight (12-16 hours) and it only goes down one bar. The only bad thing is that if you drain the battery you have to return it to Sony for replacement. The best thing is you can turn on the system with the controller and also exit games turn off the controller or system simply by holding down the PS button, plus it shows the charge level when you do that.

Videos. after scowering the internet I finally found a good converter for video files. I also downloaded some trailers from the playstation store. The HD trailers look awesome as do the encoded files.

Blu-ray Movies. Yes I know I made my choice in the DVD war, but hopefully the movies I want will come out on Blu-ray. My first HD movie experience was Ice Age: The meltdown and I have to say the picture was stunning and the 5.1 DTS audio was amazing. The only drawback was if you accidentally hit the analog stick on the sixaxis it would fast forward at 120X. That was fixed when I got the blu-ray remote which has all of the functions of the sixaxis plus Blu-ray controls.

My next game was Resistance: Fall of Man. it is a FPS set back in WWII. It rocks, but as I am a PC FPS player I need a little work.

Backward compatibility. This and the HD stuff were my main reasons for buying the PS3. My over 5 year old PS2 died two months before launch. I got that on launch day too. But I have to say I have tested all my PS2 games and they work great. Some people say the graphics are a little worse on cut senses, but oh well. To get all my PS2 saves I had to buy a memory card adapter, but it was cheap. The PS3 allows you to create internal PS2 and PS1 memory cards.

Overall I am well pleased. I am a little ticked that the wireless is a little picky and that the Sony servers have been slow so updates and downloads have taken forever. Also I only got one usb cable for the two controllers and memory card adapter >:0, but you can use any cable so its all good. I can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII.

I will post pictures later and as I said before OAE is accessible including games from the PS3 internet browser. I will update this review a bit to as things come to me.

Overall rating:

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